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Air conditioning technology for houses, villas and apartments in Mallorca

Air-Conditioning is by now an essential element of life in Mallorca. We can be very grateful for the glorious sunshine and the perfect weather for swimming. However the summer temperatures in Mallorca rise above 30ºC. In a Villa, house, flat, urban real estate o even on a yacht or a boat, it will be unbearable hot then. But we can resolve this problem with an air conditioning system. With the Air Conditioning KLIMA MALLORCA you can cool down a room during summertime, having the desired temperature or heat up the rooms in the winter months. Firstly, we calculate the refrigeration and heating requirement, depending on the space requirements and room characteristics, solar radiation, source of heat and other parameters. Consequently, we will be able to reach the desired room temperature. A modern air conditioning offers cooling and warmth, filters the air and, additionally, it regulates the humidity. With a modern air conditioning you can reduce the risk of infection in the own four walls, because not only the air will be dehumidified, but also pollen and dust will be filtered.

Refrigeration solutions for industry and trades in Mallorca

Whether at the bakery, at the butcher´s, in the catering trade or in the industry, today a line of business scarcely manages without a refrigeration solution. Whether you want to cool cakes, salads, meat, dairy products or drinks, during the food storage the temperatures have to be adjusted to the respective chilled cargo.

Refrigeration and air conditioning technology for boats and yachts in Mallorca

Big temperature fluctuations and humidity variations complicate the conditions on board. Klima Mallorca is the expert for this technical challenge. With our several year´s experience referring to air conditioning and refrigeration technology, we are able to generate the perfect room temperature for yachts and boats. Our air conditioning systems for yachts and boats convince with eco-friendly refrigerants, with comfortable automatic control systems, good dehumidification quality of the room air and the optional use of the heat generation in its reserve operation. The manufacturers offer nowadays different systems. Besides the pure heat or cooling-systems, there are also combined solutions which have been developed. The selection of the appropriate air conditioning, heating or radiator depends on many factors. On the one hand, the spatial conditions are very important, on the other hand, the size and local situation of the room is of prime importance and decisive. A salon at the below deck probably needs less effective unit than, for example, a deckhouse with big windows. Klima Mallorca advises you with details regarding the subject air conditioning for yachts and boats. Use our contact form or contact us under the following telephone number: +34 673 21 11 92

Klima Mallorca is your service provider for air conditioning in Palma de Mallorca, in summer as well as in winter. According to our motto "Cool Competence", we always fulfill the desires of our clients.

Our objective is to realize the tasks of our clients, within a predetermined time span. We are certified and experienced refrigeration technicians and we possess here in Spain the proof for the treatment of fluoridated greenhouse gases (Certificado para la manipulación de Gases Fluorados)



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We are the experts and we always give professional advises on all questions:

We are the experts and we always give professional advises on all questions: